Steubenville Integrative Medicine provides a variety of services to ensure you get the personalized treatment plan that meets your unique health needs.


If you are looking to eliminate intense pain symptoms, or just getting a maintenance adjustment, chiropractic is a great way to stay healthy and fit. It is proven that chiropractic can improve your immune system, blood pressure, asthma, organ function, prevent surgeries and improve overall health.


Physical therapy plays a key role in keeping pain symptoms from coming back. When your muscle strength ratio is off, your muscles pull on your skeletal system in such a way that can cause a subluxation, which in a lot of cases, is the source of your pain symptoms.


Trigger point injections are a good tool to help relieve pain quickly. As physical therapy and chiropractic care may take some time to greatly reduce pain symptoms, the trigger point injections will help get the relief you desire in a much shorter time frame so you can get on with your life.


A therapeutic ultrasound promotes blood flow to a given area to jumpstart the healing process.


Electrical muscle stimulation over stimulates the nervous system in a given area to prevent pain reception from reaching the brain providing pain relief without the use of pain medication.


Decompression therapy improves function of the discs between the vertebrae by providing spinal fluid, hydration and oxygen directly to the disks bringing the nutrients necessary to keep them healthy. This passive therapy works excellent for bulging/herniated discs, disc degeneration, and bringing back the correct curvature of the spine.



TENS Units – an at home, portable electric muscle stimulation device.


Lumbar Support Brace – helps to retrain muscle groups to work properly and removes strain on the lower back during stressful activities to the lower back.


Posture Pump – an at home cervical traction device to eliminate disc degeneration.


Knee Brace – stabilizes the knee during walking to help prevent knee surgery and relieves pressure and pain symptoms from arthritis in the knee.






An example of this is words such as Upper Cervical. The word Upper Cervical has to do with the brain. This type of style handled the issues that have happened with the brain due to an accident.
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